The product has a neatly designed box, so it still doesn’t look too confusing. There is also a short introduction only 4 words but very accurate about this pair of headphones: Pure Bass, Zero Cables – Pure bass, no wires.JBL TUNE 120TWS jbl headphones

Included in the box include a rounded charging case, 2 pairs of rubber cushions with the inside highlighted in orange, and a micro USB charging cord also in orange! The amount of accessories is not really much, but we can also praise the company for giving accessories with different colors, unlike those mass produced in China.

JBL TUNE 120TWS jbl headphones

The headset incorporates physical joystick right at the JBL logo, with the right key to listen to the phone, play / stop music or activate the virtual assistant Siri or Google Assitant depending on the connected phone operating system; Left key to change song while listening to music.

Because it is a cheap TrueWireless headset, the Tune 120tws does not have a built-in touch key as some high-end models can understand, but the control key of the headset is enough to meet the needs of users in reasonable price range.

Headphones with output audio frequencies from 20Hz-20kHz. JBL Tune 120tws has a 5.8mm vibrating screen, although not up to the maximum quality with high treble, but the Bass experience is good, stable, the sound is not shy, suitable for enjoying EDM, dance, music. modern. Although it is not a noise canceling headset, but with good sound production and a full ear-filling design, the surrounding sound is also minimized when listening to music.

The ability to transmit sound of the headset is quite stable over Bluetooth, there are very few cases of signal loss or no delay between the ears. However, the built-in microphone on the headset can be used to make phone calls when hands free, but the ability to receive sound is not complete, easy to be disturbed by noise, making listening to calls in noisy environments is not very good.


– Good finished with on-ear controls.

– Compact and quick charging box.

– Comfortable to wear if you choose the right cushions.

– Strong and powerfull bass with vibration

– The highs are very bright, creating a V-shape sound to enhance the bass

– affordable price from 69 $ – 99$

Need improve

– Micro usb port

– Bluetooth 5.0 not yet updated


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